The Four Flavors of the Indian FTR1200

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The Indian FTR1200 is coming soon, and it promises to be the American brand’s first proper sport bike. The funny thing is though, it is unlike any other sport bike currently on the market.

It is a complicated concept to understand, so we will save it for another story, but part of the big news surrounding this bike is the robust number of accessories that Indian is making available when the FTR1200 is finally on the market.

As such, there will be four aftermarket flavors that you can use to customize the Indian FTR1200, if you so happen to put one in your garage. Those four flavors are as follows: Tracker, Rally, Sport, and Touring. 

The names pretty well explain what each accessory bundle entails, so we will just give you the basics on what they include:

  • Tracker: high-mount Akrapovič exhaust, tracker seat, side number plates, tracker tail cowling, rally foot pegs, etc
  • Rally: high-mount Akrapovič exhaust, aluminum wire-spoke wheels, taller handlebars from Pro-Taper, sport screen, aviator seat, front and rear fenders, rally footpegs, etc 
  • Sport: low-mount Akrapovič exhaust, carbon fiber tank cowls, carbon fiber front fender, carbon fiber seat cowl
  • Touring: low-mount Akrapovič exhaust, rear luggage rack, saddle bag mounts, windscreen, bags, etc

The different collections are meant to show the versatility of the Indian FTR1200, but they also allow the American brand to capitalize on the fact that motorcycle owners are keen to personalize their rides.

Motorcycle brands have caught onto this obvious fact with differing degrees of success.

Ducati made the aftermarket a key point to its Scrambler brand strategy, conversely we have seen Honda leave aftermarket sales to other companies, especially when it comes to often-modified-bikes like the Grom and Monkey.

Of course, we still expect the aftermarket scene to take the Indian FTR1200 to the next level, but this seems like a good start from the OEM. Look for the Indian FTR1200 to drop early-2019.

Indian FTR1200 Rally

Indian FTR1200 Sport

Indian FTR1200 Touring

Indian FTR1200 Tracker

Source: Indian