Updated Honda Grom Coming to the USA

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The adorable pocket-sized motorcycle that won our hearts in 2013, the Honda Grom, is getting an update for the 2017 model year, and it’s headed to American soil as well.

As such, the 2017 Honda Grom sees the “monkey bike” getting a visual refresh (now available with more neon) and restyled fairings. Other changes include an LED headlight, flip-key, sportier handlebars, underslung exhaust, revised tail section, and higher passenger seat.

Available in August 2016, and priced at $3,199 MSRP, this modest model refresh should help the Grom compete with Team Green’s latest entry, the Kawasaki Z125 Pro.

Astute readers will note that the Honda Europe already announced a model refresh for the Honda Grom, so the real news here is that the redesign is coming to American soil.

Despite the “bold new graphics” treatment, the basic philosophy of the Grom remains, which is a good thing, in our book. Thankfully, there are enough refinements to the Grom to perhaps forgive the mid-cycle refresh.

Still, even at $3,199 the Grom is an approachable and fun model for new and veteran riders alike.

An unassuming learner bike, cheap grocery-getter, silly-fun race bike, dedicated pit bike, or just something different in the stable – the Grom continues to tick all those boxes. Come on, you know you want one…or two.

Source: American Honda