The BMW M1000RR Superbike Takes Another Step Forward for 2023

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The BMW M1000RR was the first motorcycle from BMW M Motorsports, and while the machine was a carbon-fiber upgrade to the BMW S1000RR superbike, it failed to excite the segment, due in part to its hefty price tag and close resemblance to its more “normal” sibling. That changes for 2023.

While the 2023 BMW S1000RR gets a number of needed upgrades to bring the liter-bike onto par with the rest of the segment, BMW Motorrad has stretched things further with the M1000RR, giving this super “superbike” some uniqueness of its own.

This starts visually, with the 2023 BMW M1000RR getting a distinct front fairing, with a massive air intake between the headlights.

From there, the revised carbon fiber wings continue the look first started by the M1000RR, though now with more downforce (nearly 50 lbs at 186 mph). Our favorite touch is the aftermarket aero wheel cover that doesn’t look at all like it was stolen off the Ducati MotoGP bike.

The 999cc inline-four engine, with its two-ring pistons, still makes a claimed 205hp / 83 lbs•ft – the same as the S1000RR, though the engine should spool-up the revs faster, thanks to the addition of titanium Pankl connecting rods.

Dripping in exposed carbon fiber body work, the updated BMW M1000RR sees a curb weight of 423 lbs – 11 lbs lighter than a stock S1000RR.

New for 2023 is the option to swap out the carbon fiber wheels for a set of forged aluminum pieces, which seems like the antithesis of what BMW is trying to achieve with the M1000RR, though it surely bows to market pressures from some riders who fear the longevity of carbon fiber wheels.

Overall, the package is visually appealing – something the current generation S1000RR / M1000RR did not suffer from – as we rate the bikes as some of the best looking in the segment.

Your personally preferences will however have to decide if the looks of the M1000RR helps one to swallow the $32,995 MSRP price tag that comes with it.

At least 500 units will be made, to meet homologation requirements, and the bike is already FIM legal (and soon-to-be MotoAmerica legal as well). Expect to see the 2023 BMW M1000RR at your local dealership around January 2023.

Source: BMW Motorrad USA