LEGO Releases a BMW M1000RR Superbike Technic Set

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If the $37,500 BMW M1000RR superbike is too much carbon for your wallet, may we suggest something a little more affordable for the elf on your shelf. Behold, the BMW M1000RR LEGO Technic set.

The 1,920-piece set makes a superbike that is 1:5 scale to the original two-wheeled weapon – 10 in. (27 cm) high, 17 in. (45 cm) long, and 6 in. (17 cm) wide.

The set includes a gold chain, a functional three-speed gearbox, working forks and rear shock, and a dashboard with three different display options (presumably via different bricks choices). It even comes with a cute rear stand.

“When the management of BMW Motorrad announced the first M model on two wheels, the BMW M1000RR, everyone knew that it would be something special,” explained Ralf Rodepeter, Head of Marketing and Product Management at BMW Motorrad.

“In the same way, the LEGO Technic team realised they needed to come up with something unprecedented to pay tribute to the M RR. The result is a motorcycle and a technical model that each represent the state of the art in their respective fields.”

Like with the original BMW M1000RR superbike, the LEGO set has some questionable deficiencies. First, it costs $229.99 MSRP, which is over $150 more than the Ducati Panigale V4 R set that came out last year.

Second, BMW Motorrad and LEGO are completely missing the holiday season with this release, as the LEGO Technic bike will not be available until January 1st on the website, and other retailers in May 2022.

If you are the expensive and patient type, then this could be an epic distraction from the winter doldrums. Hopefully it out-sells the BMW HP4 Racewho are we kidding? We love LEGOS and already ordered one.

Source: BMW Group