Add “The Big Book of Motorbikes” to Your Kid’s Xmas List

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I am not big on hocking holiday gift ideas as much as other publications seem to be (they gotta earn that affiliate money, I suppose), but I will give a shout out to my fellow moto-journalist and Pikes Peak record-holder Rennie Scaysbrook, who just wrote his first book: The Big Book of Motorbikes.

We are super proud of what he created, and what he is trying to do in terms of getting kids to ride motorcycles. Nice one, Rennie – you magnificent bastard, you.

As you can imagine then, this illustrated short paperback is geared towards the future motorcyclist in your life, with the goal of fostering the creation of the next generation of two-wheeled enthusiasts.

The pictures are fun and bright, and Rennie does a good job of covering all aspects for motorcycle riding, racing, and ownership within the book’s pages.

Rennie has eyes to make a series of these books (a coloring book is coming soon), so if want to see more, be sure to drop him a line or leave a comment on this story.

The Big Book of Motorbikes is a perfect holiday gift too, especially for that early-reader in your life. Don’t buy one copy, buy two.

Source: The Big Book of Motorbikes