Now You Can Build Your Own Panigale V4 R Superbike, In Legos

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There are two things I want to say off the bat. First, we will always post motorcycle-related stories about Legos – partially because Lego bricks hold a special place in this author’s formative years, but also because we want to support Denmark’s #1 export to the rest of the world.

Second, the Ducati Panigale V4 R is absolutely worth every dollar of its $40,000 price tag. Every. Dollar. The bike is amazing. If you want the best superbike on the market, there it is in all of its 230hp glory (of course you’re going to put the “optional” exhaust on it, are you kidding me??!).

That being said, if you want a slightly cheaper alternative to Ducati’s superbike opus, and have a little fun during these “stay at home” days, then we have a good option for you. Say hello to the Ducati Panigale V4 R superbike build kit from Lego.

This 646-brick set is part of the Lego Technics line, which means it is very mechanically focused, and tends to have that Michael Bay Transformers look once it is done.

The kit is pretty cool though, and it includes a working two-speed gearbox. There are plenty of touches that nod to the life-sized Ducati, including working suspension, chain drive, as well as a mock dry clutch. We can also see that Lego has included front and rear disc brakes, a kickstand, exhaust pipe, windscreen, and dashboard.

Lego says that the kit is designed for fans aged 10+ and will be available in Ducati dealerships, in the Ducati Online Shop, in LEGO Stores, in the LEGO Online Store, and in LEGO Brand Retail Stores, all from June 1st in Europe with a price of €60 (August 1st in the USA, for $70).

As you can see from the photos below, the bike is pretty big. It measures 32 cm in length, 16 cm in height and 8 cm, that’s 12″ by 6″ by 3″ in length, height, and width for us Yanks.

Source: Ducati