Brap Talk Podcast #2 – Value Added

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Episode 2 of the Brap Talk podcast is out, and in this show our big topic of conversation centers around the dealership experience.

As such, we rely heavily on Shahin’s decade-long career of working in motorcycle dealerships, and discuss what can be done better – by both the dealers, and the customers. We also wander into speculation about our future with robot overlords.

Before we get to that in-depth conversation in the podcast though, we cover a few newsie items.

First up is the musing by KTM CEO Stefan Pierer that he would be interested in buying Ducati, as we talk about the likelihood of that partnership and what it could look like.

Our conversation then turns to the rumors about the future of the Suzuki Hayabusa, which has seen its production end in Europe and Japan, though the bike continues as a 2019 model in the USA. Is a new Busa coming? We certainly hope so.

Our last news topic centers around BMW’s new air-cooled boxer engine design, which was teased on a show bike in Japan. A platform that has big implications for the motorcycle industry, we speculate on what this could mean for BMW and the motorcycle industry.

The show is a bit long, but it is stocked with good discussions, and we think you will enjoy it greatly. As always, you can find the latest episodes of the Brap Talk Podcast on iTunes, Google PlaySoundCloud, or via your RSSfeed,

And if you’re not already, you should also listen to our sister podcasts, the MOTR Podcast and the Paddock Pass Podcast.

Source: SoundCloud