Norton: We’re Not Dead Yet!

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Earlier today, the British site Visordown reported that Norton Motorcycles was set to go out of business, as the British Companies House (a sort of business registrar in the United Kingdom) was striking Norton Motors UK Ltd from its list and dissolving the business for inactivity.

It was a shocking development, to say the least, and though Norton is a small company, the news came as a surprise. After all, the last few months have not been kind for the small manufacturers in the motorcycle industry, with the deaths of Alta and Motus still fresh on our minds..

It wasn’t too long after the news from the Companies House broke that Australian site Morebike Writer was able to get in touch with Norton, with a spokesperson saying that the brand was very much still active, and that the notice from the British Companies House was because of some late paperwork.

Meanwhile in all of this, Norton’s Twitter account, which is actually the company CEO, has been silent on the issue, and continued with business seemingly as usual, which seems like a great PR move, from our casual perspective /s.

A lot of fuss over nothing, it would seem, we are still anxious to see Norton’s 650cc Atlas lineup. The Norton V4 RR superbike also intrigues, and we hope that the British marque will find a way to bring both of these models to the USA.

Source: Visordown & Motorbike Writer