So Long, & Thanks for all the Fish

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I think all along, I knew it had to end this way…

After 13 years of writing about motorcycles, it is time for me to pursue the next challenges in my life, and pass the Asphalt & Rubber keyboard to someone else.

When I started A&R over a decade ago, I never thought it would lead to much. I literally started the website while in the middle of a business school finance class, with the hope that it would lead to some sort of gainful employment after I got out of school. Clearly, things got a bit away from me.

Since that October morning, Asphalt & Rubber has published over 12,000 stories, with more than 50 million people stopping by  along the way to read them. If I am being honest, that is a terrifying statistic.

It is terrifying because I never set out to create this big industry publication that others would reference and read for their daily updates on the motorcycle industry.

I am immensely proud of everything we have achieved at Asphalt & Rubber. 

I didn’t do this alone, and so I am infinitely thankful to anyone who has penned a story for A&R, or worked behind the scenes to keep the lights on. I owe you so much more than can be expressed here – an endless number of thank you’s doesn’t suffice.

Also, I will sincerely miss the camaraderie of my fellow colleagues who have joined me in my travels around the world, and who made my two-wheeled adventures all the more memorable with their antics on and off the bikes.

I also want to express my gratitude to anyone who has stopped by to read my words these past years. It has been an honor to write for you, and I am humbled every time I meet a reader, listener, or fan in person. You are what made this endeavor all worthwhile.

I suspect the coming weeks will be a sort of long goodbye on the site, so if in those days I don’t get a chance to say it…

So Long, And Thanks for All the Fish,
Jensen Beeler