Motus Motorcycles Closes Its Doors for Business

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It is with great regret that we inform you today that Motus Motorcycles is ceasing business operations, as the American motorcycle startup has reached the end of its financial backing from investors.

The news was sent to Motus owners via email on Friday, August 31st, and confirmed to us later that day by Motus co-founder and designer Brian Case via text message. We imagine that a more formal announcement will be coming forth after the Labor Day holiday weekend, so at the moment, details are light.

What we do know is that the news comes as a surprise, as Motus has been busy with dealer events around the country. Also, the startup was getting ready to launch its second model as well, later this year, which was a streetfighter based off the Motus MST sport-touring bike.

The American-made V4 motorcycles were truly unique in the market, with a push rod engine design that borrowed from the American muscle car scene. This made for raw and powerful engine characteristics, which truly put the “sport” in sport-touring, and would have suited the streetfighter model quite well.

However, Motus was not without its flaws. Expensive and without the electronic bells and whistles found on other competing brands, the Motus attracted a certain type of rider – usually one who was enticed by the bike’s American heritage, and intrigued by its straightforward design, which came with a nod to the home hobbyist mechanic.

But, the company’s launch came during a difficult time in America, at the height of the recession. Since the market crash, the American motorcycle industry has been slow to recover, with sales growth still being a yearly struggle.

A niche product with a hefty price tag, a declining market with limited discretionary spending, and an ever-changing transportation landscape likely all contributed to Motus’ demise. This is why today’s report is unfortunate news, indeed.

Lee and Brian, the founders of Motus are true motorcycle enthusiasts, and their creation was fun to ride. Many two-wheeled fans were looking forward to seeing what the Motus V4 motor could do in a streetfighter format, and now sadly we may never know. Consider us well and truly upset by this news.

Source: Motus Motorcycles