Motus Working on a V4 Streetfighter, And It Sounds Goood!

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Motus Motorcycles looks to be working on its second motorcycle model, as a naked prototype of the Motus MST has been making appearances on the American brand’s social media channels, including a very tasty video of the bike testing a 4-2-1 Akrapovic exhaust on the dyno (watch it, after the jump).

We reached out to Motus about its latest project, and the company confirmed its interest in making a naked version of the Motus MST sport-tourer, though it is waiting to see the feedback from other Motus owners and potential customers before committing to make the machine.

Still, Motus is teasing some very intriguing performance specs and design elements, which is more than whetting our appetite.

For a little history, we first caught a glimpse of the Motus MST without its clothes on back in 2011, when Motus was teasing the sport-touring bike’s initial release.

Since then, Motus has been pondering what other segments could best be served by the MST platform, and with Fuller Moto’s recent custom Motus MSTR streetfighter getting rave reviews, the seed has been firmly planted back in Motus HQ.

That brings us to today, with the Motus MSTR Streetfighter prototype making the rounds. The push-rod V4 engine is good for 160hp and 120 lbs•ft of peak torque – the MST is no slouch in the power department, I can tell you first-hand.

As you can see from the concept sketch above, Motus designer and co-founder Brian Case envisions some massive air scoops to help the 1,650cc engine breath to peak efficiency.

The MST chassis has been modified for the naked bike, with a rake (24.5°) and trail (4″) that is quicker to turn-in than the Motus MST sport-tourer, while the wheelbase has shrunk an inch as well (58″).

A significant bulk of mass has been removed from the MST’s touring form, as such the Motus MSTR Streetfighter prototype weighs only 400 lbs dry, which puts the Motus streetfighter well into the power-to-weight territory of the Aprilia Tuono 1100 V4 and KTM 1290 Super Duke R

We think the Motus MST Streetfighter looks and sounds pretty damn tasty, but what about you? Here is your chance to tell the Motus team what you think of its possible upcoming streetfighter model. 

Source: Motus; Photo: © 2017 Neale Bayly – All Rights Reserved