KTM 1290 Super Duke R Gets an Update for 2017

11/08/2016 @ 4:37 am, by Jensen Beeler29 COMMENTS


Call it The Beast 2.0, because the KTM 1290 Super Duke R is getting an upgrade for the 2017 model year, debuting today at the EICMA show in Milan, Italy.

The first most noticable change is the new LED headlight, which will debut throughout the Duke line, and draws links to KTM’s remodeled Adventure bikes, which have a similar LED setup.

KTM has also modified the TFT dash, which seems like a minor change, except the old version always made the streetfighter feel cheaper than its price tag suggested. The new dash richens the user experience with its look and feel, and is a welcomed addition to the 2017 KTM 1290 Super Duke R.

Of course, the change your most interested in is the revised 1,301cc v-twin engine, which has a reworked cylinder head and intake, and now produces 177hp. Cornering ABS from Bosch has also been added, with the IMU also helping control the traction control system.

KTM lists the changes for 2017 KTM 1290 Super Duke R as the following: 

  • 10 mm shorter velocity stack to enhance power and broaden the usable powerband
  • New resonator chambers placed on the cylinder head for smoother power at low RPM
  • Higher compression ratio of 13.6:1 thanks to the flat design of machined titanium inlet valves with chromium nitride coating
  • New 48 mm USD split front forks by WP suspension with separate damping circuits with stiffer fork springs and sportier settings
  • New WP shock absorber with a stiffer spring for a more balanced chassis
  • Metzeler M7RR super sport tires for high levels of grip and handling
  • Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC) with cornering ABS by Bosch including Supermoto mode
  • Optional dealer-installed Performance Pack combines Motor Slip Regulation (MSR), Quickshifter (up and down), and KTM MY RIDE
  • Optional dealer-installed Track Pack with ‘Track’ ride mode, which allows three drive modes, anti-wheelie off, TC slip adjust, and launch control
  • Cruise control for long distance convenience
  • Keyless system for less hassle and security





















Source: KTM

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  • Gerard Angelo

    Such a fun bike to ride.

  • paulus

    I feel it has somehow ‘lost something’ visually…. it might be that there is no Orange version. The Beast always looked best in Orange.

  • MikeD

    Black Super Duke it’s Best Super Duke. Schwing ! 😤👍

  • imprezive

    Love it. I’m going to have to test ride one for sure. However one of my biggest gripes with motorcycle coverage, an all new dash but zero pictures of it?

  • Alam R

    This bike looks so exciting and is feature packed. Its almost 50% more than a MT10 here in euroland. MT10 is around 10k and this is around 15k.
    I don’t think this could be a 50% better bike? Could it?
    We have to hand it to KTM – They have given us all of the porn shots for this bike… Burn out, Knee down, Wheelie, Banked Wheelie, massive lean angle, elbow down!!

  • ColoradoS14

    Having ridden the old one I think it may be 50% better…

  • SXV 550

    Revised TFT dash but no press images of it?

  • Gary

    Love the exoskeleton trellis frame. No comment on the headlight as I’m sure others will be happy to elaborate. The TFT screen on a motorcycle is a total turd. While I don’t have a strong opinion either way on digital speedos, a motorcycle should always always always have an analog DIAL tachometer. Period!

  • Ayabe

    More than that if you factor in how it looks. They’re both garish but the Yam lacks class.

  • Ayabe

    I’m a fan of active suspension so I would have liked to see it here, but everything else is as expected – nice.

  • Louis Valdivia

    im digging the exposed trellis subframe

  • ryan

    just super ugly, sorry

  • Jonathan

    I would love to have the GT version.

  • Mill0048

    Agreed! I’m mentally appraising all my possessions of value I can sell to afford this machine.

  • Amen brother, nothing compares to a revving needle!!!

  • Anteater

    Thats an amazing trick; gorgeous from some angles and super ugly from others. Genius or insanity? Definitely not bland.

  • imprezive

    Yeah I had expected them to port that over from the GT.

  • Alclab

    Hot damm that’s a great and fun looking bike!

  • DR N

    Got dam ! Got dam ! Got dam !

  • A question to Mr. Jensen. Isn’t the power reduced by 3 bhp while many other websites are mentioning that power has been hiked for the new model as I still remember the previous model had 180hp at the crank. I know 3 bhp don’t make any huge difference but correct me if I am wrong.

  • Tadao Baba

    I remember when Fiat came out with Multipla, or when Honda redesigned the Civic and made it look like, well you can continue here…..
    Why KTM? Why (re)designing only parts for this bike?
    Yes I dig the new front. Looks very good, especially when looking at it on the 790 KTM.
    Here it is just not working. The cuts, the lines, the angles are just completely off.
    It looks like Hayabusa had a love affair with a KTM and the result is a kid that inherited the ugliest DNA chunks.
    Is it a minor aspect? It might be, but for me it just ruined the lines of the previous bike.

  • I love it, Styling is totally subjective matter as you know. There are countless people who loved the new styling.

  • twinturbodiesel

    I came here looking for dash pics after Cycle World also had none in their press kit.

  • KTM didn’t have any photos of the dash the time of publication. Here’s one from the show floor though.


  • Yes and no. The Super Duke R concept came out with 180hp, and that was the quoted power figure when it was released as a production model. By the time it came to dealerships though it made 173hp.

  • Alright, Thanks

  • Bob K

    I have to say I like the simplicity of the dash. All the important info is well organized and large with the less often needed info down and out of the way.

    So many other bikes have way too much info crammed into a small display all at once and all over the place. Way to hard to take a quick glimpse down and decipher it all to find the 1 thing you’re interested in. By the time you find it, you’ve traveled 1000 ft and have no idea what happened in that time. Dangerous and ineffective design.

  • Deadhead

    I’ve gone from really not liking the old one at all to loving this new one. Weird how a few style changes makes all the difference.