Video: The Motus KMV4 GDI Engine

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Motorcycle upstart Motus Motorcycles continues to press forward with its MST-01 sport-tourer, and has released a video that talks more about the development of their 1645cc gasoline direct-injection V4 motor: the KVM4. Balking at the advice of others not to build their own powerplant, Motus has teamed up with Katech to design an in-house motor for the Motus MST-01.

Based off American muscle car push rod engine design, Motus hopes to tap into the strong hobbiest car culture here in the United States, and offer a motorcycle that gear heads can dive into and wrench on with familiarity.

Also, the expectation is that with the push rod design, there will be a bevy of tuners and aftermarket parts manufacturers who will have the expertise to create and customize the MST-o1 once it’s completed, and in the hands of customers.

For bonus fun, listen to the MST-01 drive by in this audio clip.

Source: Motus Motorcycles