Here It Is, The Norton V4 RR Superbike

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It has been a long time coming for the Norton V4 RR, but the British firm has finally debuted its 1,200cc, 72° V4-powered, 200hp superbike. The actual machine looks pretty close to its concept sketches, which in turn are based closely to Norton’s TT race bike.

Norton has made a pretty stout machine, with the V4 RR coming with a robust electronics package that was developed in-house, which includes traction control, wheelie control, launch control, and cruise control, augmented by a six-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU); a 7″ high-definition display that includes a rear-facing camera; and a up-and-down quickshifter and datalogger.

Key chassis components include the twin-tube “shotgun” frame, and a single-sided swingarm with a fully adjustable pivot point (the steering head angle is also adjustable). The fairings, no matter which finish you choose them in (mirrored chrome fairings are available as an option), are made from carbon fiber.

Suspension is handled by Öhlins NIX30 forks and an Öhlins TTXGP rear shock. That being said, the Norton V4 RR is a bit on the heavier side, with the Brits claiming a dry weight of 394 lbs.

To own the Norton V4 RR you will need £28,000 of sterling in your pocket, and only 250 units will be made. The 200 units of the higher-spec “SS” model have supposedly already sold out, despite their £44,000 price tag.

In the end, Norton has tried to make as much of the V4 RR project in-house, and the result looks quite impressive visually. What remains to be seen now is how the British brand’s superbike rides, and how it stacks up to the competition.

It’s hard to ignore the fact that Norton picked a larger displacement for its four-cylinder engine, compared to the relevant competition, likely to hit the 200hp figure with suitable reliability. So there is that perception to overcome, at the onset.

We imagine this matters not to those who would buy the Norton V4 RR though, as sporting regulation mean little when you are playing in halo bike territory when it comes to price.

To that end, the V4 RR is dripping in cool, with its mirrored finished and polished metal bits, which would make it look good in any garage. That’s an easier argument to sell down the river, in our opinion.




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Source: Norton