BMW Motorrad USA Sales Down 1.3% for 2017

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End-of-the-year sales figures are starting to trickle in, now that 2017 is behind us, and BMW Motorrad USA has completed its tally. Selling 13,546 motorcycles in 2017, BMW Motorrad is posting a rare decline in yearly unit sales, down 1.3% last year.

Despite this loss, BMW Motorrad is quick point out that other manufacturers are suffering worse than the German brand, with the industry said to be down 3.2%, while BMW’s relevant competition is said to be down 6.3%.

For those keeping score, that is basically like saying “Yeah sales were bad, but look at how much worse the other guys did” in PR speak.

One should not forget the seven recalls (#1, #2, #3#4, #5#6, and #7 here) that BMW encountered in rapid succession during 2017, including the massive fork recall for the popular R1200GS.

“We are proud to report these impressive results despite current market conditions,” said Michael Peyton, Vice President, BMW Motorrad North America.

“BMW Motorrad USA achieved all-time record sales in November, while December 2017 was our best December since 2004 and our fourth consecutive month of sales growth.”

BMW says that US sales were unsurprisingly lead by the BMW R1200GS Adventure, which accounted for 15% of all sales in December (a weird timeframe to quote, we should say).

The Germans hope that 2018 will be a kind year to them, despite all industry indications to the contrary, as multiple new models will be hitting American soil: the BMW HP4, BMW G310GS, BMW C650 and C400X scooters, and the BMW K1600B Grand America touring bike.

How the Bavarians fared overall remains to be seen, but BMW has shown strong growth abroad, as well in its domestic market of Germany. As such we expect to see BMW Motorrad post solid 2017 figures…unlike the ones shown here in the United States.

Source: BMW Motorrad

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