BMW K1600 Grand America – Touring, The American Way

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Determined not to let the new Honda Gold Wing have all the fun in the modern tourer category, BMW Motorrad too wants a piece of the American two-wheeled lifestyle, debuting today at the EICMA show the new 2018 BMW K1600 Grand America.

The production version of the K1600B bagger that we saw last year, the K1600 Grand America has grown a bit in a year’s time, and truthfully looks very similar to the BMW K1600 GTL, which already fills the German brand’s need for a full-on dresser motorcycle.

Still, BMW Motorrad says that the Grand America is built for cruising down the highway, and the German brand hopes that the more sweeping lines found on the BMW K1600 Grand America entice riders away from the offerings of other makers.

To our eye, the changes to the Grand America are incredibly subtle, though we prefer the new model to the others in BMW’s six-cylinder lineup.

At the end of the day, the 160hp / 129 lbs•ft inline six-cylinder engine is a silky-smooth piece of engineering – though, we’re not sure about the 101 mph speed governor, which BMW says is due to the modifications and add-ons that many riders in the touring segment add to their machines.

Still, the 2018 BMW K1600 Grand America lives up to the segment, and comes feature-packed. Dynamic electronic suspension is standard, as are reverse assist, heated grips, seat heating, cruise control, ABS Pro, dynamic traction control, and xenon headlamps.

Optional items include BMW’s quickshifter, Europe’s eCall system, and various other feature packages – as is the BMW way.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a true American cruiser if you couldn’t put your feet up, so yes, there are feet-forward floorboards fitted for the rider (optional floorboards for the passenger are available as well).

Source: BMW

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