BMW C400X, A Luxury Middleweight Scooter

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We here at Asphalt & Rubber are all about the scooters. Mmm…yes, we love us some scooters! Scooters. Are. The. Best.

Ok, I will admit that it is hard to get excited about a scooter, even if it is from a luxury brand like BMW Motorrad. So loath is the lowly scooter to the modern rider, most motorcyclists won’t even extend a wave when one passes by in the other direction.

This will probably be the case with the new BMW C400X, but don’t be so quick to judge this 400cc class scoot, as it is an integral part to BMW’s urban mobility plan, and it compliments the German brand current lineup of 650cc scooters.

More importantly, we need to embrace the fact that transportation is changing, and the truth is that the more two-wheelers there are on the roads, the better it is for all motorcyclists…even if those bikes are maxi-scooters like the BMW C400X.

Built around a steel tube chassis, with a 350cc single-cylinde engine that is mated to a CVT gearbox, the BMW C400X is good for 34hp. ABS is fitted as standard, while the lighting is all LEDs. The dash is a TFT screen.

While it may not blow your hair back, BMW is building out a solid range of two-wheeled transporters for riders…which includes a constantly expanding line of scooters. Other European brands would do will to take note.

Source: BMW Motorrad

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