2017 BMW G310GS Debuts with 300cc of ADV

11/08/2016 @ 3:44 am, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS


One of the four new motorcycles we were expecting to see from BMW at the 2016 EICMA show, the BMW G310GS adds a small-displacement model to the German brand’s already iconic adventure-touring line.

Based off the BMW G310R street bike, the 313cc single-cylinder platform has been reworked for dual-sport riding, offering not only a smaller ADV machine for adventure enthusiasts, but also an entry point into the BMW brand via one of its best-selling segments.

As such, the GS model gains some suspension travel (1.6″ in the front, 2″ in the rear) over its street bike sibling, the styling is obviously a nod towards the rest of the GS line, namely the best-selling R1200GS, and the ergonomics have been reworked for adventure-style riding.

Power is rated at just under 34hp, with a curb weight of 374 lbs.

While the 2017 BMW G310GS will be an entry-level machine, it comes with some ABS, which is now mandatory in the EU now. Designed in Germany, but built in India, the G310GS is just the second model of many expected from this platform.

With BMW Motorrad hoping to produced 200,000 motorcycles a year by 2020, it is models like the G310GS here that are going to help the German brand achieve that goal.

There is no word yet on pricing or availability in the USA, but we will certainly see the 2017 BMW G310GS on this side of the pond at some point in time.























Source: BMW

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  • paulus

    Nice lines.
    Shame there are not wire wheels…. almost a must to be a true dual sport. You can ride dirt and trails on alloys but risk them being irregular polygons if you do. Probably price driven, maybe a future catalogue option…

  • KYspeaks

    Yeah, a set of wire rims to go with this will be lovely.

  • jake woods

    Im not a ADV rider by any means, but I pinpointed the wheels as an issue right off the bat.

    I love the look though. This might be my new city commuter if pricing is alright

  • Campisi

    Wire-spoked rims are a catalogue option, as are crash bars and skid plates and accessory lighting and GPS mounts and and and-

  • Peter Jowett

    Yeah, urban commuter is the first thing I thought of. Beware cost of replacement parts though… a set of front brake pads (that’s PADS, not rotors) for my old 800GS was $220 Canadian. My current ride – $30 (CRF250L). If you want to commute on a real budget, this is probably not really a viable option IMO. It’s still nice to see the small displacement segment getting some love though.

  • Bob K

    As thick as the rim flanges were, I bent my cast wheel on my R1100S in a pothole in east Memphis. A new one cost me $850 about 8 years ago. Just the wheel. 100 more could’ve gotten me a Kineo including the correct spacers. Spokes on that bike would be wrong though.