Honda Teases a 650cc Retro-Modern Concept Model

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While we were busy running around Cologne, Germany for the INTERMOT show, Honda Motor Europe was busy in France, for the Paris Motor Show. Debuting there another “Neo Café” concept model, the Japanese brand seems set to release a middleweight version of this popular trope.

Based off the Honda CB650F, the latest Honda Neo Café concept promises a 650cc inline-four engine package in a retro-modern style, similar to what Big Red has done with the Honda CB300R and Honda CB1000R. As such, we are very likely looking at an early version of the Honda CB650R.

Regular Asphalt & Rubber readers will remember that the whole Neo Café aesthetic began with the 650cc platform, with the Honda CB4 concept debuting at the 2015 EICMA show in Milan. Since then, Honda has used the design on a variety of bikes, each meeting a positive reaction from the public.

As such, we expect this 650cc Neo Café concept to become a production bike as a 2020 model year machine, perhaps releasing to the public in mid-2019. Honda isn’t talking too much about the machine though, and its debut in Paris, rather than Cologne, is an interesting move.

Honda Motor Europe has played around a great deal with the CBR650/CB650 platform, creating more than a few concept bikes from the four-cylinder platform. All of the concepts have been met with praise, and while the Neo Café is getting a little worn by the Japanese brand, the middleweight seen here is as attractive as the others.

The concept features LED lights all around, with bits and bobs from Rizoma and SC Project, including the latter’s prominent 4-1 -2 exhaust system. It will be interesting to see what other updates Honda does to the inline-four engine package, if any.

Source: Honda Motor Europe