Things We Like, Part 1: Honda CB4 Concept

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Honda isn’t saying too much about its CB4 concept, and we are not sure they need to – the motorcycle speaks for itself. Just in case you can’t hear it, the retro-style standard is an appealing machine, which draws a distinct line to the Hondas of a couple generations ago.

The Honda CB4 concept seems to be built off the Honda CBR650F platform, though the concept is certainly as far as you can get from the CBR650F in terms of feeling and inspiration.

To that end, a single-sided swingarm has been added, the exhaust routed stylishly and polished, and we are a big fan of the solid iron front brake discs with radially mounted Tokico calipers, in red…naturally.

A bike that was built by Honda Motor Europe, we can certainly see the European market responding to the Honda CB4 concept, though we think it would do equally well here in the USA.

With the Honda CBR650F as its basis, it would presumably be a fairly affordable model, and dead-on more reliable than the usual Honda “cafe racers” you see at your local free-trade coffee house.

We’re sure some builders are already percolating with ideas after seeing the CB4 and its sibling the Six50.

CB4 Concept

CB4 Concept

CB4 Concept

Source: Honda

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