Honda CBSix50 Is a Scrambler for the Rest of Us

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The Honda Six50 concept continues where the Honda CB4 concept left-off in exploring what other machines could be created from the Honda CBR650F platform. Instead of a café racer though, the Honda CBSix50 is more of a modern-take on the popular scrambler genre.

To that vein, it works well with the Honda CB4 concept, as both machines attempt to tackle popular hipster tropes currently in the two-wheeled space, but with decisively modern and unique approaches.

We like that Honda is recycling a motorcycle that is otherwise devoid of personality, though an extremely practical motorbike. If anything, the Honda CBSix50 concept proves that “personality” is only skin deep, especially when it applies to motorcycles.

One look at the bold graphics on the CBSix50 concept, and personality oozes, yet underneath that fairings is the same “soulless” CBR650F that journalists and riders lament. That’s something to chew on, for sure.

In the mean time, we would love to take the Honda CBSix50 concept for a rip down our favorite gravel roads.

CBSix50 Concept

CBSix50 Concept

CBSix50 Concept

CBSix50 Concept

Source: Honda

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