We Are in Love with the New Honda CB1000R

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When we first saw Honda’s Neo Sports Café concept, it was a bittersweet moment. We loved the design. It was bold, but understated. It was a clean and modern take on a motorcycle that each year fades further and further from our attention.

The design was so good, we were sure that the Honda Neo Sports Café concept would never see the light of day, and surely not as the new Honda CB1000R.

It is good to be wrong sometimes, because say hello to the very attractive 2018 Honda CB1000R, which brings the Honda Neo Sports Café concept to life, with very few changes.

If it feels like Honda is zigging while others zag, then you would be correct. While the streetfighter segment continues to be filled with uber-aggressive performance machines, Honda is looking to  take a more sophisticated approach with the new Honda CBR1000R, which plays to the bike’s strengths.

As with previous generations, the 2018 Honda CB1000R is powered by the same four-cylinder engine that comes with the Honda CBR1000RR, retuned for street use, of course. Don’t be worried about too much of a horsepower drop though – the new CB1000R makes 20hp more than its predecessor.

As such for the 2018 model year, the Euro4 compliant of this streetfighter model makes 143hp and 77 lbs•ft of peak torque, and comes fitted with a slipper-assist clutch.

An electronics package has also been included, which means ride-by-wire finally comes to the Honda CB1000R, with three selectable throttle maps.

Traction control is also part of the 2018 Honda CB1000R, as are power maps, and engine braking controls – all selectable at three different levels, similar to the revised Honda CBR1000RR

The chassis on the 2018 Honda CB1000R is an all-new steel frame. Suspension is handled by Showa Separate Function Big Piston forks (SFF-BP), and a Showa rear shock. Both are fully adjustable.

If you like what you see, then you will really like what Honda calls the “CB1000R+” which will debut soon, with pre-fit premium accessories, including heated grips and a quickshifter.

Since this is a European launch event, we don’t have word yet on availability or pricing in the USA, but we would expect the new Honda CB1000R to come across the pond for the 2018 model year.

Source: Honda

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