2014 Honda CB650F — A2 License Optional

11/08/2013 @ 4:44 am, by Jensen Beeler16 COMMENTS


Of course where there is a new Honda CBR650F at the 2013 EICMA show, there is a new Honda CB650F as well. Based on its fully-faired sibling, the 2014 Honda CB650F features the same brand new chassis and motor that is found on the 2014 Honda CBR650F sport bike.

Accordingly, peak horsepower is 86hp with the CB650F tipping the scales at 454 lbs at the curb (458 lbs for the ABS-equipped model).

Like the CBR650F, the CB650F is geared for younger riders, and accordingly Honda will have an A2 license machine available that will make 47hp and have ABS as a standard option.

Other features and characteristics are in-line with the 650cc CBR model, making the CB650F a practical street naked, that has some design chops as well. Would you rock it?






Source: Honda

  • SteaminSteven

    Steel main frame section….was this a cost cutting move, cause it sure seams to be a lot heavier than the out going CBR600F with the aluminum frame….. still like this byke a lot, though only 86hp is kinda a bummer again as the out going CBR600F was nearly 100hp….

  • Jimbo

    Dont think people will be happy that the 100bhp Hornet is being axed to make way for this 86bhp bike that looks just like the CB500F!
    They already have on of those why do they need two!!

    The Hornet was a cracking bike shame to lose it….

  • Bastiaan

    Pretty cool design, but I agree about the power, it doesn’t make sense to drop it that dramatically, they could keep it at 70 kW and still make the bike A2-suitable. If there was more torque then it’d be somewhat acceptable, but there’s less than the Hornet. More displacement, less power, less torque, what gives? The non-USD forks also make it look like a budget bike.

  • Norm G.

    re: “Would you rock it?”

    +1, i’d hit it…!!!

  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    this looks just like the bike the guy in Brazil was riding when bandits rode up and stole at gun point…which ended when the gun-toting bandit was shot down by an undercover cop.

    Anyone who saw that video–is it the same bike? Is this something they already have in Brazil?

  • SteaminSteven

    Don’t get me wrong, I like how it looks (a lot actually) and the conventional forks aren’t a deal breaker for me and neither would the hp power dropping. I assume the torque and power come on earlier and I would think the price would be lower than the current hornet. overall something will fill the spot left over by the outgoing hornet, maybe a beefed up version of this byke here, with USDs more power and better breaks…..

  • SteaminSteven

    So which is the better machine, the new Yamaha MT-07 or this…? I’d like to find out :)

  • It looks cool, and I would’ve loved it when I was 15. But what’s with the old-fashioned forks, is that a cost-cutting measure, because it definitely hinders performance, and that’s not cool. If you’re going to go this cheap part route, then sell it as an economy model, for like $3500-$4000, at least some kids can afford that.

    Also I don’t like the under slung exhaust systems on any bike, blazing hot exhaust coming out anywhere near your legs is never fun or safe. And if you’re going to continue that design, why not come up with something innovative that actually improves performance, something practical like splitting the exhaust into two pipes with wide elongated openings channeling hot exhaust directly onto both edges of the rear tire, warming them up for better cornering traction. Yeah, that’s the ticket. :)

  • KSW

    Not bad. As simply as the very clean looking engine is hanging in that frame I bet it would do equally well in a custom frame for a cafe bike or other. Nice how they show cased the exhaust and you could seriously alter the sound with a simple change in which two you pair and how. I bet you could strip that down another 100 lbs.

  • Anvil

    From what I read, this bike and the CBR650F were designed with a much broader spread of torque in mind. The peak torque numbers might be lower, but if Honda is to be believed, there should be more available everywhere.

    I agree that they might have lopped off a bit too much horsepower, at least for perceptions sake.

    The steel frame is likely be heavier but might work better than the backbone frame used on the current Hornet.

    I find this bike much better looking than the 500F. Try to get a look at some of the shots from different angles. And the CBR version is really, really nice looking.

    The 650 models were designed by a new team of younger folk at Honda. As far as I’m concerned, they should have had some input on the original CBR250, the CBR500, VFR1200 and the new VFR800 which all share a somwhat simalar frumpy look.

  • Sentinel

    @ “Jimbo”, perhaps when we get to see a comparison of the actual power curves and peak torque values from some dyno graphs we may find that things have been enhanced and shifted further down the rev-range a bit to offer a better spread of more “usable” and readily accessible power. Personally I’d bet that’s the case.

  • Norm G.

    re: “Nice how they show cased the exhaust”

    nicer still is that’s actually a styling cue from their heritage. ie. Honda CB5xx from the 70’s iirc. gotta know what you’re lookin’ at. i contend this bike was designed by a true “Hondaphile”. likely someone who’s not even Japanese…? yet knows Soichiro’s history prolly better than some who had the privilege of greeting him with a bow.

    re: “The 650 models were designed by a new team of younger folk at Honda.”

    that’s what i’m screamin’. who got fired…? or retired…? and who got hired…? it seems pretty clear to me Elvis and the old guard are no longer in the building. or at a minimum, they been “reassigned” (ahem) to other divisions like Audi did with Gobmeier. (I want him manning a radar tower in Alaska by the end of the day, just mail him his clothes.)

  • MikeD

    I would totally rock it and then some.
    Looks like a small fun bike to ride around town.
    Paint job helps A LOT.
    Love the header’s waterfall, the multi spoke gold wheels, the modern look, the aluminium swing arm (unlike the crappy cheap square steel tube ones on the 300, 500 & 700), the wavy DOUBLE front rotors, the under slung exhaust, ER-6N headlight, available ABS, easier (by the looks of it) to adjust shock . . . yeah, i like it, LOL.

    Steel frame ? Old school fork ? I guess we can’t have it all. That’s life.

  • mxs

    I would agree with the people who thing it is a good looking bike. I’d totally see myself getting one … well depends on the price, but I have a feeling that Honda will ask for their typical premium they normally do on their I-4 units.

  • Norm G.

    re: “I have a feeling that Honda will ask for their typical premium they normally do on their I-4 units.”

    just pay it. you can’t take it with you.

  • Jaime

    Does anyone know if the cb650f is in the states yet?