The Honda CB125X Concept Makes Us Think Dirty Thoughts

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We are not sure how big the market is for a 125cc adventure-tourer, especially in the European Union. Close to zero, perhaps? Yet, we are very excited about the Honda CB125X concept (along with its fraternal twin, the Honda CB124M concept).

Maybe the Honda CB125R platform is the wrong starting point for this project, but we like where the Honda Motor Europe R&D team finished with this build.

The CB125X is a clean and attractive motorcycle, and we would romp through every river crossing we could find on this small-displacement thumper.

Things might get closer to reality if the Honda CB300R was used, instead of the 125cc platform, and we would be all about a middleweight offering with this look and feel to it.

Considering that we have another two years before the Yamaha Ténéré 700 gets to the United States, Big Red still has plenty of time to make this happen…just saying.

We are fans of the whole aesthetic that Honda has built here with the CB125X, but it is the slash-cut SC Project exhaust that really helps does things visually for us, as does the tidy and pointy tail section.

The bike looks like the smaller sibling to the Honda Africa Twin, and it is amazing to us that Honda hasn’t expanded its ADV offering to include more machines. The Africa Twin is a strong seller for the Japanese brand, and clearly Honda has the chops to execute in this market with precision.

To that thought, we really hope that we see the design of the Honda CB125X concept find its way into production, perhaps in a 500cc-750cc application. After riding the Honda CRF450L, even that platform could be a good starting point for such a project. In other news, we hear the TransAlp name is still available.

Source: Honda

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