Honda CB125M Concept Makes Mini-Motos Great Again

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What you are looking at is a Honda CB125R…well, it was the retro-modern 125cc street bike, until Honda Europe R&D got their dirty little mitts on it. Rethinking the pint-sized machine, Honda has created a very fetching concept motorcycle, which it calls the Honda CB125M.

Honda pitches the CB125M as a supermoto, which makes sense with the bike’s 17″ wheels front and bike, but we think the format lends itself more to a mini-moto machine (we were actually surprised to learn that the Honda Grom was not the basis for this concept).

Either way you look at it, the Honda CB125M Concept is pure sex. It’s one of our favorite machines shown at EICMA this year. There is a growing movement in the small-displacement space, sub-300cc, and Honda is all over it (be sure to look at the Honda CB125X concept too).

Less is more, and in this case that means quite a lot for the Honda CB125M concept. An SC Project exhaust, Pirelli slicks (with a 160 rear) on Marchesini forged aluminm 17″ wheels, and bodywork that looks like it was ripped off the Grom’s futuristic brother, the CB125M looks the part, and doesn’t give a cheap impression.

Looking at the popularity of the mini-moto scene, and how many people are taking bikes like the Honda Grom or Honda CRF150F to the go-kart track to race and hoon, we are surprised there isn’t a manufacturer catering to this whim.

Honda looks like its on the scent now though. Hopefully the CB125M concept leads to something on the production side…and hopefully they change nothing. Condo, if you’re reading this, we’re all in.

Source: Honda Motor Europe

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