Honda Creates Eye-Catching Mini “CB” Bikes for Europe

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If you think that the 2018 Honda CB1000R is a fetching motorcycle, then we’ve got some more good news for you, because Honda Motor Europe has debuted at EICMA two more bikes with its “Neo Sports Café” aesthetic: the Honda CB125R and the Honda CB300R.

As you can discern from the names, the Honda CB125R and Honda CB300R are street bikes that shares a lineage with the Honda CB1000R, albeit in 125cc and 300cc packages, respectively.

As such, the 2018 Honda CB125R is basically a redesigned CBR125R (a model not available in the US market), while the 2018 Honda CB300R is a repurposed to create the Honda CBR300R.

Both bikes offer an attractive small-displacement streetfighter option to motorcyclists, and are geared towards new riders and markets with tiered licensing schemes.

If you think these budget bikes are without some cool features though, you would be wrong.

Both the CB125R and the CB300R come equipped with an IMU-powered anti-locking brakes system (ABS), which according to Honda, balances the braking forces between the front and rear wheels by using telemetry from the inertial measurement unit. Also, both bikes also have full LED lighting.

We highly doubt that the Honda CB125R would make its way across the pond, but American Honda could do worse things in life than bringing us the 2018 Honda CB300R.

We think it would compliment the Honda CB1000R quite well – something the current Honda CB300F is not going to do.

2018 Honda CB125R:

2018 Honda CB300R:

Source: Honda

As always, Asphalt & Rubber will be covering all the new bikes debuting at EICMA this year. Be sure to follow our coverage for the most recent news and photos.