Rumors have long been around that Honda was looking to bring back the Africa Twin model to its line-up; and with a quick scrolling through Honda America’s “Adventure” category, one can see that the less-than-inspiring odd-couple that are the Honda NC700X and Honda CB500X, while fine machines they might be (though we’ve heard the word “soulless” used more than once to describe them), proper adventure-bikes they surely are not.

With the tuning-fork brand putting out the stout Yamaha Super Ténéré, and Suzuki teasing the 2014 Suzuki V-Strom 1000, Honda and Kawasaki have been late to the Great American Adventure Bike party  — though at least Team Green fanatics can pretend like the Versys is a viable option for this category.

With Europeans having a variety of adventure motorcycles to chose from in the Honda brand, bikes like the Honda Transalp, Honda Crossrunner, Honda Varadero, and Honda Crosstourer, us Americans have been left out in the cold.

Well, that might be set to change, as our stroll yesterday though the USPTO’s online database (check-out our find on upcoming Ducati Scrambler) has revealed that Honda Motor Co. has registered “Africa Twin” for use in the American market. Could a proper adventure-tourer from Honda be headed our way?

We can’t of course definitively say for sure at this point, but there is at least some evidence to suggest that a new Honda Africa Twin is on the horizon, as Vito Cicchetti, the General Manager of Honda Italy has tipped as much to Italy’s venerable La Gazzetta dello Sport magazine.

Saying the machine would debut at the 2014 INTERMOT show, and be a 2015 model with a two-cylinder engine, Cicchetti was tight-lipped on just about every other detail, though the finding of Honda’s trademark with the USPTO does seem to throw support behind the news.

Considering Honda’s ADV landscape in Europe, it will be interesting to see how Big Red fits an Africa Twin into its line-up, and whether the model will replace anything currently on the table in Europe.

Will the new Africa Twin go back to its roots as a 650cc model? Or, will Honda bump the machine into the 800cc or 1,2000cc categories that are becoming more popular with buyers?

As always, time will tell, but for one reason or another, Honda intends to use the Africa Twin model name on a motorcycle, and it chose to file for that use just over a month ago. More news as we get it.

Source: USPTOLa Gazzetta dello Sport

  • IZI

    Africa Twin was 750 not 650

  • I wouldn’t say that around any Honda XRV650 owners.

  • dmckiwi

    Yeh I think there are a number of RD03 owners grinding their teeth at that comment, I hope they make a new one as my RD04 was a brilliant bike and if it wasn’t for the 950 Adventure I would probably still have it, everything they made since then has been a weak attempt that got softer and softer.

  • taikebo

    kamen rider’s bike

  • IZI

    True that, but the real comercial succes came from the XRV750

    Now the Transalp is branded as an 700 (really an 660) It would be safe to asume that Honda would want a bike capable to keep up with F800GS and Tiger 800XC… I think it will not be less tha 800

    wanna bet?

  • anders ‘ace’ eliasson

    Fugly thing if that pix is what it actually ends up looking like … & I’m a Honda fan.


  • ACE, go to church this Sunday and repent. That picture there is some 1990’s gold.

  • Ken

    Honda is either trend setting or really late to the party on a lot of stuff. I wouldn’t be surprised if they stuck a detuned (slightly) RC51 motor in an off-road chassis with some goofy complex bodywork that makes your sense of style wince. Then they’ll tie it to their Dakar program to market it. You can bet it will be heavy, over engineered with too small a fuel tank and very conservative. But it will run forever.

    What they should do with that RC51 motor is basically build a LIGHTWEIGHT 990 Adventure without the goofy fuel tank, an exhaust located so that you can tuck 41L cases in close to the bike, and have it set up to be farkled with mounting bosses, plugs and ports for electrical and protective add-ons.

  • proudAmerican

    BMW has been selling GS’s like ice cream at the equator for years, and now the water-cooled version is continuing that trend.

    The Africa Twin concept is tempting, but I’m still in shock that Honda hasn’t sent the Crosstourer to us yankees yet!! I love the engine in my VFR1200F DCT, but I’ve been drooling over the Crosstourer since it was announced.

  • Shawn

    They also sell the Varadero in Canada. I could see them remodeling that for the American market as an Africa Twin. And I agree with Jensen, that 90s AT is hot. I’d trade my KLR for that in a heatbeat. I’d still love a Tengai version of the KLR.

  • Honda is too PC these days to reuse the name – undoubtedly like 6 people will say that somehow it’s stereotyping something and they will be forced to rename it prelude or clarity or magical puppy kitten MPK for short

  • jet

    Oooo eye candy of my era…..sweet

  • Skadamo

    Please have retro graphics.

  • TexusTim

    I like the bike and would like to ride it…they gotta work on what to call it…african twin wont win over new buyers…I dont care for that name so much..were in america and Im still proud of that.

  • TexusTim

    while were on the subject of honda and what the sell world wide..jensen why can you post and article posing the question.
    lets do somthing to call american honda out on why they discriminate aginst the american market only ?…we are the only country that gets just one year of warranty from honda even in south america they get three. in afirica they get three…the entire world but us guys and gals

  • anders ‘ace’ eliasson


    LOL … nah …


  • Bounder

    The problem with calling it an America twin is that there are already a couple of companies that would disagree pretty strongly with that name.
    HD and Indian would have a better claim to that name, and outside the US is a much bigger market for ADV bikes like the Original AT

  • Hi Jensen,
    Off the theme query: can you shed some light on ADV motorbikes coming to India :)

  • aaron

    yawn. another big twin adventure tourer? I’m waiting for suzuki to make another attempt at the dr big.

  • Skadamo

    +2 aaron! Come on S! DL needs an ugly step brother.

  • Tome

    “IZI says:
    August 7, 2013 at 2:08 AM
    Africa Twin was 750 not 650”

    The first Africa Twins were 650 (RD03 I think) then later increased to 750.
    I’d love to see another Africa Twin, 750cc again and kept simple over the bigger V4 ‘adventure’ bikes they have.

  • Heinz Sorgen

    Well’ I’m interrestet to see what kind of news in future we will have.
    I’m a old fan of the twin 650, I’ve buy one of the first, a long time ago. I’ve ride it the old german, polish, russian boarder along,
    I’ve never vergot the faces of the people in that time, they never seen a bike like it.
    bye from burgundy

  • A new Africa Twin would be awesome!!! I have a 1999 (RD07) XRV750 and I really love that bike, but she’s just getting a bit too old now and is also a bit slow, I can’t keep up with the newer bikes on tar, although on dirt she’s plenty fast enough for me.

    I just hope they style it similar to the old one, or will it be another GS800 or XC800 lookalike?

    As for this comment “african twin wont win over new buyers”, what nonsense! And it’s not African Twin, it’s Africa Twin! It got the name because it’s so capable over rough terrain and it was a few times Dakar winner, so I reckon the name fits! You Americans must stop thinking you’re the most important people in the world! There are other continents you know!