2016 Honda Africa Twin DCT

After leaking twice yesterday, Honda has officially dropped details and photos on its highly anticipated adventure-tourer, the 2016 Honda Africa Twin. A continuation of the legacy by the same name, the new Honda Africa Twin is an off-road focused machine that will go head-to-head with the big ADV bikes already on the market.

Built around a 998cc parallel-twin engine, which makes 94hp and 72 lbs•ft of torque, the Africa Twin tips the scales at the curb at 503 lbs (standard model, first photos after the jump) / 534 lbs (DCT/ABS models, shown above).

Spec-sheet off-road racers are likely not going to be happy with these numbers, though they measure well against the KTM 1190 Adventure R and BMW R1200GS Adventure.

What we think ADV riders will come around to is Honda’s off-road built dual-clutch transmission, which will have the benefit of making shifts while out of the saddle much easier, and giving clutch-free operation, much like a Rekluse clutch.

Of course the DCT from Honda is very advanced, and it can even sense when the Africa Twin is ascending or descending a steep hill. When it does so, the Africa Twin adjusts its shifting points accordingly: during ascents, upshifts are delayed in order to allow a higher rpm to be held; on descents, downshifts happen earlier to enable better engine braking.

As is the trend, the ABS can be switched off for the rear-wheel, allowing off-road riders to lock-up the real-wheel during braking maneuvers.

It’s strange that even in its official technical specifications, Honda doesn’t mention the suspension travel for the Africa Twin.

The only mention the company does make is that the long-travel Showa inverted fork is fully adjustable, while the Showa rear shock has hydraulic spring-preload adjustment. Ground clearance is a respectable 9.8 inches.

Available in either Red/Black/White Dakar Rally or Silver, we expect to see the Honda Africa Twin in dealers in early 2016.

Pricing in the European market is set at €12,400 — this should mean a price around $11,500 to $12,500 on the “standard” model for the US market, though we’ll have to wait to hear from American Honda for official confirmation on pricing.

2016 Honda Africa Twin

2016 Honda Africa Twin DCT

2016 Honda Africa Twin DCT

2016 Honda Africa Twin DCT

2016 Honda Africa Twin DCT

2016 Honda Africa Twin DCT

2016 Honda Africa Twin DCT

2016 Honda Africa Twin DCT

2016 Honda Africa Twin DCT

2016 Honda Africa Twin DCT

2016 Honda Africa Twin DCT

2016 Honda Africa Twin DCT

2016 Honda Africa Twin

2016 Honda Africa Twin

2016 Honda Africa Twin

2016 Honda Africa Twin

2016 Honda Africa Twin

2016 Honda Africa Twin

Technical Specifications of the 2016 Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L:

Engine Type Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 8-valve Parallel Twin with 270° crank and Unicam
Engine Displacement 998cc
Bore x Stroke 92.0 x 75.1 mm
Clutch Wet, multi-plate with coil springs, aluminum cam assist and slipper clutch
Final Drive O-ring sealed chain
Gearbox/Transmission Type Constant mesh 6-speed manual / 6-speed DCT with on- and off-road riding modes
Honda Selectable Torque Control System (HSTC) HSTC 3-levels + switch-off (DCT/ABS model only, not on STD model)
Frame Type Steel semi-double cradle type with high-tensile strength steel rear sub-frame
Turning Radius 8’2″
Curb Weight 503 lb. (STD), 534 lb. (DCT/ABS)
Fuel Capacity 4.96 gallons
Length x Width x Height 91.9 x 34.4 x 58.1 inches (STD), 91.9 x 36.6 x 58.1 inches (DCT/ABS)
Wheelbase 62.0 inches
Seat Height (STD position / Low position) 34.3/33.5 inches
Ground Clearance 9.8 inches
ABS system type ABS 2-channel with rear ABS off switch (DCT/ABS model only, not on STD model)
Front Brakes 310mm dual wave floating hydraulic disc with aluminum hub and radial fit 4-piston calipers and sintered metal pads
Rear Brake 256mm wave hydraulic disc with 2-piston caliper and sintered metal pads. Also Lever-Lock Type Parking Brake System on DCT/ABS model
Front Wheel Wire spoke with aluminum rim
Rear Wheel Wire spoke with aluminum rim
Front Rim Size 21M/C x MT2.15
Rear Rim Size 18M/C x MT4.00
Front Tire 90/90-R21 tube type
Rear Tire 150/70-R18 tube type

Source: Honda

  • ColonelClaw

    Honda’s best looking bike of the last 10 years?

  • so close

    I was hoping for 450lbs.

  • MrDefo

    That’s not a bad price if it does stay in the $12k range. I’m really liking this bike – sure there are a few numbers I wish were higher, but the overall package looks baby bear just right.

  • John Walker

    What is the payload? Serious ADV riders will want to know this important spec

  • Paul

    Definitely agree – especially compared to the train wrecks that are the CTX bikes.

  • Nicko55

    Easily the coolest bike Honda has produced in years (the insultingly-expensive RCV notwithstanding). The fact that it doesn’t have the same box-section swingarm and circa-1998 right-side-up forks they’ve been tacking onto “new” models speaks volumes that Honda engineers got their way this time.

  • KevinB

    Another heavy liter bike for the old, overweight, advrider who has to cross gravel on his way to the mall. Congratulations Honda, you’re only 5 years late to the game!

  • Paulo

    I was hoping for the white HRC color with gold rims :( I hope they reconsider and bring the other colors state side……

    As for the rest of the specs…….it’s perfect, by the time you add and subtract weight f(rom changing out the exhaust or adding crash bars) it’s still going to be a lot less then the other big bikes out there and at close to HALF the price! Well done Honda.

  • VForce

    What the hell happened to the white/ blue/ red with Gold wheels? That was sick!

    I really don’t need another red bike, as good as that colorway looks.

  • Bruce Steever

    A cynic would say this is just a lighter Super Ten, or perhaps an up-market F800GS. Of course, both of those sound like good ideas.

    The real question will be how the DCT works, and whether or not it can keep the KTM 1190 ADV R in sight off-road…

  • Singletrack

    That looks very interesting. A well thought out model that can compete well in the segment. Its good to see Honda bringing some ‘new’ technology to the market with the DCT. No one else can offer that, yet. But, I say again, is there no market for a modern 300-350lb 500-650cc Dual-sport adventure bike? By that I mean a bike you can actually pick up when it’s dropped in the sand. The XR650L is laughably archaic.

  • Jason

    Honda packaged DCT and ABS together AGAIN for the US market? How hard is it to understand that many people who want ABS DO NOT want an automatic transmission!

  • Ducati Kid


    Could you be referring to a BMW ‘F900GSAM”?

    I prefer to accomplish AM (Automatic-Manual) Clutch-Gearbox operation employing a genuine REKLUSE ‘Auto Clutch’ allied with BMW’S ‘Gear Shift Assist Pro’ feature assuring Transmission function in all cases.

    Did I fail to mention it’s less complex, lighter and ‘Stall Free’ too!

    Should Berlin NOT introduce a competitor in this marketplace, their loss!

  • Petzi_baer

    Good looking bike – would have definitely considered it, when I bought my F800GS. Especially if the suspension is fully adjustable.

  • I’m not a fan of Honda, but this bike ROCKS! Great looking, right engine, proper ergos- a real omni-tourer in a world of adventure-posers. And the best part?… I can order one the way I want it- without the stupid-tech. Good job, Honda!- I salute you. Can’t wait to see one in person.

  • John Walker

    Late yes, but Market share = profit for Honda

  • Belga Dear

    I was immediately thinking the same thing. A praying mantis with a pope’s hat. He will eat your face.

  • VForce

    Thinking more about this (instead of working like I should be)…So Honda has the HRC graphics bike obviously they showed it in the videos.

    Maybe, just maybe, Honda is going to offer the bike in an uprated special edition?

    If they really wanted to go all in, and along the lines of Triumph/ BMW- both of which absolutely kill it in sales with the Special Editions (almost too many in fact) they could offer a special edition with the HRC paint and gold wheels, along with touring luggage/ ammo cans. They would really knock it out of the park if it included a tubeless wheel option.


  • thumper702

    8 million photos of the bike, and not one of the dashboard?

    And hey…where’s the beak?!??! ;-}

  • Jake Boggan

    I was splitting lanes for about 15 miles straight today and actually thought to myself “I wish I were riding a bike with DCT”. I am going to seriously consider this when it gets stateside, it seems very practical but somehow looks the business as well.

  • Hector Itman


  • spamtasticus

    The KTM 690 Enduro R is exactly what you refer to. I just picked one up and am outfitting it for a Continental Divide off road adventure. Something this honda could handle but nowhere near as well as the KTM.

  • thumper702


  • Eddie Smith

    Look great, basically just a smaller/lighter Super Tenere.

    Also, none of the action photos seem to have been shot with the OEM tires.

  • Spinman

    Honda will have to use this engine for other applications. A supermoto or street naked would be great spinoffs!

  • Spinman

    They will need to have other models for this motor, how about a street naked or super-moto?

  • Andre

    Yaa i uggugg choke fell in love with her too she will be mine till death do i part her out