A 50hp Electric Grom Restores Our Faith in Humanity

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Since it debuted in 2013, we have seen more than a few radical builds the included the Honda Grom. There is something about the unassuming street bike that begs for more, and there have been no shortage of willing people to realize those dreams.

We just recently talked about a sidecar kit for the Grom, which in our eyes would make it the perfect pit bike and grocery-getter. We hear that the Honda CBR300R is a direct bolt-in way for ludicrous power, and then we have today’s story…the ultimate electric Grom.

The result of what happens when you drop an Alta Redshift MX powertrain into the pint-sized Grom chassis, what you are witnessing is a 50hp electric tire-shredder that doubles as a motorcycle.

Gone too soon, it perhaps shouldn’t surprise us to see that leftover Alta dirt bikes are becoming the launch pad for some intriguing customs.

Every year, we seem to see a new eye-catching custom build that uses an Alta electric powertrain, and even the overly talented Walt Siegl is exploring the possibilities of these robust electric motorcycles in his workshop.

The work done here by vlogger ElectroBraap and his crew might not be as visually stunning at Walt Siegl’s, but it is no less intriguing, and their build certainly is impressive from its approach.

At the end of the day, one wonders why Honda has produced its own electric Grom – as the model seems ripe for an electric cousin.

We know the Suzuki has been exploring the idea, with its EXTRIGGER concept, and even seems close to producing the bike for some select markets.

Interesting stuff, but for my money, I’m waiting to see someone make a 125cc-class road racer with an Alta powertrain. That could be some serious two-wheeled fun.

Source: ElectroBraap via MotoFire