Your Life Really Needs a Honda Grom Sidecar in It

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When the Honda Grom came on the market in 2013, we weren’t quite sure what to make of it. The name came from the surf/skater community, and the bike was two-thirds the size of a normal motorcycle.

Despite its small stature though, the fun factor was there for the Grom, and the pricing was right. This made the Honda Grom an instant hit.

Now with an update under its belt, we see the Grom platform in the Honda Monkey and Honda Super Cub as well, making for a three-bike lineup in Honda’s mini-moto offering.

But, there has been something missing all this time, which we didn’t know we needed until right now. Enter, the Honda Grom sidecar.

The work of the folks at Industrial Moto, the Grom Utility Sidecar is a bolt-on kit to add a third wheel of fun to your Honda Grom lifestyle. The perfect grocery-getter, the ultimate pit bike, the coolest way to take your kid to school…we need one.

The design by Industrial Moto seems pretty straightforward, and they tout that it bolts directly onto the Grom for easy installation and removal.

There is of course a laundry list of add-ons for the setup, and our eye is trained on the passenger seat kit, with accompanying “oh shit” grab rail. Meanwhile, our more practical side sees this as the perfect gear-hauling pit bike.

Starting at $1,600 a pop, the “GUS” as they are calling it, isn’t exactly cheap…but with deliveries booked out until July (at the time of this writing), it doesn’t seem like Industrial Moto is having a hard time finding customers.

For those who don’t know, there is a huge modder scene for Honda Groms right now – our favorite being the 300cc single-cylinder from the Honda CBR300R, which is a direct-swap upgrade.

Whether you are into the Grom scene or not, the motorcycle industry should take note of what is occurring in this space.

Cheap, fun, approachable motorcycles not only fly off the shelf for dealers, but they also create an ecosystem around them that is profitable and creates ways of enjoying two wheels (or three) that put motorcycles into the hands of those who may not have otherwise called themselves motorcyclists. There’s something to chew on.

Source: Industrial Moto via Common Tread