You Already Want This Honda Grom Race Bike from HRC

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Understanding one’s lust for a Honda Grom is a lot like explaining good pornography: it is difficult to describe, but you know it when you see it.

That idea encapsulates everything you need to know about Honda’s monkey bike. We can’t tell you why you want one, we just know that you do. Honda’s sales on the Grom back that notion up, as well.

In fact, the Honda Grom has been so successful, now Kawasaki has its own version of the pocket-sized machine coming to the US, and we doubt that they are the last manufacturer to do so.

Beyond being just an adorable grocery-getter, we are seeing a plethora of Groms at the race track – and not just as pit bikes. Grom racing is becoming a thing, with more than a few minimoto series making spec-classes for Honda Grom racers, or including them in their 150cc programs.

To that end, Honda’s racing department, HRC, has the Grom that you want – nay – need. Behold, the Honda Grom race bike from HRC.

On display at the Osaka Motorcycle Show in Japan, the HRC Honda Grom is “heavily tuned” according to the guys at Big Red, though details are fairly light.

We do know that the machine has a revised two-stage fuel-mapping setup, pit lane speed limiter, a quickshifter, and a full exhaust system.

Additionally, HRC’s Honda Grom race bike has an Öhlins rear shock, which is hidden from view in the above photo. We expect the front fork internals have been reworked as well.

If past actions are any indication, we can expect HRC to sell race-ready Grom race bikes to consumers, with some of the parts available as part of the racing catalog.

We hope that’s the case, as it would only further fuel the fire that has been ignited by this pint-sized motorcycle.

Source: Honda Pro Kevin