Suzuki EXTRIGGER: An Electric Monkey Bike?

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In addition to the turbocharged Suzuki Recursion concept, Suzuki has also teased its electric-powered EXTRIGGER concept ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show.

The pint-sized Suzuki EXTRIGGER draws some obvious cues from the Honda Grom and it seems impossible not to compare the two machines to each other — they even share a similar mission statement: “to give more people the chance to find out the fun of motorcycle.”

Suzuki has gone a step further than Honda though, with the EXTRIGGER sporting an electric drivetrain — borrowed from the Suzuki e-Let electric scooter . The choice is a well-thought-out one, as the limited range and power that is surely to be expected from a bike like the Grom fits in line with what a machine like the EXTRIGGER can offer a rider as well.

Aimed at getting non-riders on two wheels, Suzuki hopes that a production version of the EXTRIGGER could help convert the masses and bring them into the Japanese brand’s house of motorbikes.

With electrics being cheaper to operate and maintain, not mention providing a better connection between rider and throttle, on the face of things the Suzuki EXTRIGGER sounds like a perfect offering from Suzuki for new riders.

No word on specs, though we can’t imagine that there is a bevy of battery on board the Suzuki EXTRIGGER. However, how much juice do you need to make a run down to the store or hoon around a parking lot? Electric motorcycles are slowly filling the roles of their petrol analogs, consider this space now taken as well. Good show Suzuki, now build it.

Source: Suzuki