In addition to leaking us a plethora of photos and details about the Bimota BX450 enduro model (the first dirt bike from the Italian brand), our Bothan spies tell us to expect another debut at EICMA from this iconic motorcycle brand.

As such, we are getting indications that the third pillar to Bimota’s on-road lineup will be more of an adventure-sport machine, and use the supercharged inline-four engine found on the Bimota Tesi H2.

With semi-active suspension, a variable ride height, and probably more horsepower than you can shake a stick at, the Bimota Tera has the ingredients to be the King Kong of the ADV space.

Can-Am isn’t the first name when you think of motorcycle manufacturers, but the Canadian brand has a rich tradition in the two-wheeled world, especially when it comes to off-road racing.

They are getting back to their roots now though, albeit with a modern twist, as Can-Am has announced that it will return to the two-wheeled space, brining a lineup of electric motorcycles by the year 2024.

CFMoto is not a brand that we talk much about here on A&R, as the Chinese firm has a minimal presence in our core markets of readership: North America and Europe.

When you do hear about CFMoto, it’s usually in relation to the company’s partnership with KTM, but rarely ever is the news about the company’s own creations.

As such, let us introduce you to CFMoto, as you may have seen their latest concept bike making waves on social media. The name needs some work – SR-C21 doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but don’t let that stop you from drooling.

Almost 30 years ago, the Ducati Supermono entered into life, and became an integral part of the motorcycling lexicon. The name has become synonymous with an iconic design, outside-of-the-box engineering, and premier exclusivity.

With that in mind, there has to be something daunting about re-imaging a motorcycle that has become such a focal point amongst motorcycling enthusiasts.

Working out of the Barber Advanced Design Center, Pierre Terblanche has set to doing this very task though, with the public getting their first glimpse of this endeavor today.

True to his reputation, Terblanche’s work on the “Mono” concept is sure to polarize and to intrigue. Let’s dive into it, and try to step into the mind of the maestro.

BMW Motorrad must have some jealousy over what Honda has achieved with its miniMoto lineup, particularly with the Honda Grom, as the latest Bavarian machine takes direct aim at the pint-sized moto market.

Not quite a motorcycle, not quite a scooter, the mini-moto segment has been a surprise hit in the United States and abroad, mostly because of the unassuming and fun machines that flood the market’s ranks.

BMW Motorrad wants in on the action (unsurprisingly) and is looking a bit to the future though, building its Concept CE 02 as a youth-focused electric model.

Royal Enfield is a brand that doesn’t get a lot of action on the pages of Asphalt & Rubber. Despite its inroads into the US market, the machines from the Indian manufacturer just never seem to strike our fancy. That is not the case today.

Now granted, what you are seeing here is the work of pixel manipulation, and not a bonafide real motorcycle, but it shows the transformative work that can be done with a motorcycle as mundane as even the Royal Enfield Continental GT 535.

Husqvarna continues to tout its electric dream, this time showing concepts for two electric scooters that couldn’t be more different from each other.

The first is a proper riding scooter, named the Husqvarna Vektorr. The other, well that’s most like a push-scooter that you’d see from one of those shared urban mobility companies – it’s called the Husqvarna Bltz.