Your Next Brembo Caliper Might Have Some Extra LED Bling

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Brembo is celebrating 60 years of brake-making this year, and while the Italian firm has been on a global buying spree of rival businesses, it has some gifts for consumers as well.

Say hello to the Brembo New G Sessanta brake concept – a caliper with an integrated LED lighting setup, which you can customize via your smartphone. Yup…

While the headline feature is Brembo touting that riders will be able to customize their bikes with the caliper’s LED features, the Italians have also snuck in some practical applications to the smart caliper concept.

GPS connected, the Brembo New G Sessanta can act as tracker for your motorcycle, and with the ability to lock the wheel in place, the caliper also doubles as security device.

OEMs also have the ability to tie into the caliper’s LED interface, to visually display warnings (think: low tire pressure indicators when parked, etc), or to operate as flashers when the hazard lights are activated.

The LEDs can also illuminate the wheel, for maintenance tasks in low-light conditions.

Once you get past the obvious Stunt Life applications of such a device, there are some interesting ideas in this concept from Brembo, which are fun to ponder.

This isn’t the caliper you want, but it is the caliper you deserve.

Source: Brembo