CFMoto’s Sport Bike Concept Might Be Your 400cc Dream

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CFMoto is not a brand that we talk much about here on A&R, as the Chinese firm has a minimal presence in our core markets of readership: North America and Europe.

When you do hear about CFMoto, it’s usually in relation to the company’s partnership with KTM, but rarely ever is the news about the company’s own creations.

As such, let us introduce you to CFMoto, as you may have seen their latest concept bike making waves on social media. The name needs some work – SR-C21 doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but don’t let that stop you from drooling.

Designed by the Modena 40 studio in Italy, the bike looks the part. Well…it looks like it was once part of the Ducati lineup, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Forged carbon body panels abound, there is also the obligatory winglet design (which looks lovely) and aero-friend front fender. Go-fast parts from Brembo, Öhlins, and SC-Project give hints to real sportiness as well.

Under the hood, CFMoto says we can expect a twin-cylinder engine of at least 400cc (presumably KTM’s 490 platform will be at work here), though no specs are being spoken.

A road-legal production version is expected as soon as 2022, and while it is not clear that it will come to Western markets, the bike is sure to hit CFMoto’s home market of China with some force.

Keep an eye on this space. The Chinese brands may not have the world markets completely figured out, but they are learning fast, and concepts like the SR-C21 show that they can’t be ignored for much longer.

Source: CFMoto via