Fun & Electric? – The BMW Concept CE 02 Eyes the Honda Grom

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BMW Motorrad must have some jealousy over what Honda has achieved with its miniMoto lineup, particularly with the Honda Grom, as the latest Bavarian machine takes direct aim at the pint-sized moto market.

Not quite a motorcycle, not quite a scooter, the mini-moto segment has been a surprise hit in the United States and abroad, mostly because of the unassuming and fun machines that flood the market’s ranks.

BMW Motorrad wants in on the action (unsurprisingly) and is looking a bit to the future though, building its Concept CE 02 as a youth-focused electric model.

In truth, the form factor of a mini-moto bike lends itself to be ripe for electrification, as ride-distances are short and the bike is rarely a primary mode of transportation beyond an urban center

With a 55 mph top speed and 55 mile range, this 15hp machine isn’t going to set any spec sheets on fire, but then it isn’t meant to. Style, fun, and approachable attributes are more important here than kilowatt-hours and recharge times.

“At first glance, there is little about the BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02 that is typically BMW Motorrad – it’s something completely new. We want to strive for something novel and be pioneers – which is what we’ve proven ourselves capable of with various projects in the past.”

“The Concept CE 02 features new proportions and modern forms of single-track mobility in an urban environment. In addition, we wanted to achieve a level of design innovation that we have not had before at this level.”

“Straightforward use was important, but above all the emotional component was crucial, as well as riding fun,” explains Edgar Heinrich, Head of Design BMW Motorrad.

BMW Motorrad’s interpretation of all that seems to be focused on young, skateboard riding, 20-somethings who possibly don’t even have a motorcycle endorsement.

As such, there is a bit of cringe in the photos below, especially with the skateboard acting as a floorboard for the rider, but if you get past some of the more “on-trend” design elements here, the German brand has an interesting two-wheeled concept.

Will we see the Concept CE 02 get polished into a production model? That remains to be seen, though we should remind readers that it didn’t take the Concept CE 04 to become a real thing. Maybe the same will happen here.

Source: BMW Motorrad