The BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 Get Us Closer to an Electric Roundel

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Another year, another electric scoot concept from BMW Motorrad – as one colleague put it.

He has a point, for how much BMW Motorrad talks about the future of mobility (it’s been close to a decade now), and how that future relies on electric vehicles, the German brand has been painfully slow in its attempts to bring an electric scooter to market.

Sure, there was the short-lived BMW C Evolution electric scooter, but that the bike was barely a blip on the radar before BMW Motorrad abandoned the project. 

That brings BMW back to the drawing board, with the BMW Motorrad Concept Link debuting in 2017 as a future platform. That electric scooter was nowhere near production-ready, however, which is where we land today.

Debuting the BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04, the Germans say this electric two-wheeled offering is close to being ready for primetime.

Though, if we had to guess, it will be another generation of design before we see a truly ready-for-production machine.

Based off the BMW Motorrad Concept Link, the BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 is long and low, with the battery pack mounted in the floorboards of the bike’s chassis.

The design is very modern and angular, and with the showcased apparel, there is a little bit of  Judge Dredd vibe going on here.

Is this the scooter of the future? Probably not. Is BMW on the right track though? Well, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: BMW Motorrad