BMW Motorrad Concept Link – Tomorrow’s Scooter

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BMW Motorrad continues to explore the electric scooter space, and at this year’s Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este the German company debuted a new mobility concept, which it calls the BMW Motorrad Concept Link scooter.

A zero-emission vehicle for the new era – so says BMW’s press materials – the design is perhaps the most intriguing feature, with the core of the machine looking very similar to the BMW C Evolution electric scooter.

The seat height of the BMW Concept Link is quite low, making the scooter easy to mount and dismount. BMW says that the concept is quick and handles sharply, making its lines not the only thing that are pointy. Zinger!

On the more practical end of things, there is a reverse-drive feature, for backing out of parking spots and tight situations. The lighting is done by LEDs, and it is of note how the wheels are covered by a fairing on only one side.

BMW Motorrad intends to show off the various design and technical pieces on the Concept Link, including even the power cables for the bike’s electric motor.

Less visible is how the BMW Motorrad Concept Link will connect to both its rider and its environment, capitalizing on Bluetooth and vehicle-to-vehicle communications.

It will be interesting to see how BMW Motorrad evolves this concept going further. Stay tuned.

Source: BMW Motorrad

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