The Updated Honda Grom Finally Arrives in the USA as a 2022 Model

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The US market is finally catching up to Europe, where it concerns the Honda Grom, as we get word that the updated miniMOTO machine is coming to the United States as a 2022 model year machine.

The highlight of the the 2022 Honda Grom include a more powerful motor, with 9.6hp on tap, a fifth gear in the gearbox, and a revised styling package.

It might not seem like a big deal, but Honda has built this new generation of Grom with the tuning crowd in mind, as the bodywork is easier to remove and customize.

Other features include an LCD dash and LED lights all around. 31mm upside down forks are also standard, along with 12″ wheels fore and aft.

The seat height is an approachable 30 inches, and also flatter in shape. Meanwhile, the fuel capacity has been increased from 1.45 gallons to 1.59 gallons.

Pricing is set at $3,399 MSRP, with the “SP” model commanding an extra $100 for it fancy paint. If you like ABS on your miniature motorcycles, then you’ll need to shell out $3,599.

Source: American Honda