FB Corse Delays Testing Over the Flu

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We feel like we’ve heard this before…oh wait, we have. FB Corse has announced it will push back its second testing date back to the last week April because rider Garry McCoy has been suffering from the flu. You may remember the FB Corse pulled a similar move, and pushed back the launch of their team presentation when issues concerning the signing of John Hopkins arose.

Whether true or another misinformation from the Italian team (if anyone knows Garry McCoy, the Sultan of Slide, let us know), the take home message is the same: FB Corse will be testing at Misano in late April instead of earlier as had been hoped. This raises doubt as to whether the team will be able to complete its “race simulation” in front of Dorna representatives in time to meet their Jerez entry goal, which is on May 2nd.

“While the doctors have forced McCoy to rest, the staff of Oral Engineering has continued their own work, developing the bike, thanks also to the simulator, static and dynamics, possible in the [dyno],” says the team . “In the factory, has been done a small technical service of the three cylinder, working on the base done by the team in Valencia, during the last month. For the next test, the team will have new transmission and the electronic management for the FB01, that will make its debut in Santamonica.”

The proof will be in the pudding for this MotoGP hopeful, you can’t fake a race pace laps, and perhaps when FB Corse gives us such a result, we’ll start taking them more seriously. The only thing the bugs us the most about all this is the tremendous respect we have for John Hopkins and Garry McCoy, who seem to be getting wrapped up in FB Corse’s non-sense, which has lost the team a tremendous amount of credibility in the media and in the paddock.