Brad Binder and KTM Break the Kyalami Lap Record, In The Most South African Way Possible

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South Africa is an amazing country, and well worth the visit for the wildlife alone (mind the Hippos though, they’re faster than they look).

But for two-wheeled fans, we cannot recommend enough visiting the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit and spinning a few laps. It’s divine, and one of motorsports best-kept secrets.

A beautiful sweeping track that flows with elevation, Kyalami is in my Top 5 tracks to ride around the world, and it should be on your bucket list as well. It’s certainly a circuit we don’t talk about enough.

Part of the reason for that is because it has been a long time since Kyalami has seen international motorcycle racing on its apexes.

Interestingly enough though, with the African track getting updates in 2015, the new layout technically doesn’t have an established lap record. That’s where Brad Binder and Red Bull come into the equation.

A KTM RC16 should make quick work of the Kyalami’s 16 turns, especially with a MotoGP rider at the helm, and it all makes for a good piece of marketing.

While we can debate whether their result can be considered an official one, the “making of” video of this lap time attempt is worth the time to watch on a Friday afternoon.

It’s fun, light, and visually appealing. Whoever wrote the script on this YouTube-short should get a Pulitzer…or at least a raise.

If you want more Brad Binder x Red Bull goodness, we recommend the Brad Binder: Becoming 33 documentary as well.

The KTM might be struggling right now, and Brad Binder isn’t quite a household name yet, but the South African continues to impress with his results, and he is punching well-above his weight class in MotoGP.

Source: Red Bull