Update on Dani Pedrosa’s Shoulder Condition

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Leading into the Qatar GP the talk was all about Repsol Honda, namely the blistering fast paces of Casey Stoner and Dani Pedrosa, who seemed to be on a different level from everyone else, even teammate Andrea Dovizioso. However after seeing Pedrosa’s race performance be hampered by a lingering shoulder injury that, which was causing his arm to go numb and lose strength during the race, question marks began to develop over whether the Spaniard would be able to fight for the Championship like he did last season.

Responding to these worries, Repsol Honda has released a press release that talks more about Pedrosa’s shoulder condition, which was questionable at the end of the Qatar GP. After returning from Doha, medical checks performed on Pedrosa confirmed that his shoulder was not 100%, but was only suffering from a small stretch in the plexus, which is gradually improving, but will need more time to finish healing completely.

Pedrosa passed a three-dimensional CAT scan with contrast and MRI, and was noticeably worried about his condition in Qatar. Talking after his exam, the Spanish rider said, “I honestly didn’t expect my arm would react in this way because during pre-season I didn’t feel too much trouble and I thought the problem was solved. However, I felt really bad in the Qatar race and was aware that the injury is not completely healed.”

“It was a shame because in Qatar I had a good feeling and until the second half of the race – which is when the pain started – I was really strong and I saw a realistic chance of winning,” continued Pedrosa. “I would be lying if I said I’m not disappointed because this year the bike is working very well and physically I feel good, but unfortunately this complication has arisen and I have nothing else to do but give my best until the injury heals completely.”

While Pedrosa had some indications his arm was not fully-fit at Sepang, his condition never presented itself at Qatar until the race. Noticeably falling down the time sheet from about mid-race on, Pedrosa’s injury will still bring questions of his fitness at Jerez. However hopefully with more time to recuperate and work on his physical fitness, we won’t see the Spaniard nearly collapsing post race in Parc Ferme.

Source: Repsol Honda; Render: © 2011 Jensen Beeler / Asphalt & Rubber – Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0