AGV Just Made the Lightest Modular Helmet Ever

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AGV has a new helmet out for the 2018 riding season, which by itself isn’t a big news item. But, this isn’t your typical helmet, as the Italian brand has made the first all carbon fiber modular helmet. They call it the AGV Sportmodular.

The advantages of a carbon fiber helmet design should be obvious, as there are significant weight savings that come with composite construction designs. AGV calls the Sportmodular the lightest modular helmet on the market.

By our scales though, the Sportmodular is lighter than even the featherweight Pista GP R – the AGV’s top-of-the-line track-focused helmet that Valentino Rossi wears – which would make the AGV Sportmodular one of the lightest helmets on market..if not the lightest.

On our scales, a “Large” Sportmodular weighs 1460 grams, whereas the Pista GP R tips in at 1563 grams in a large. We should point out, that while the helmet sizing is a bit off, and thus outside our testing spec, the AGV Sportmodular is the lightest helmet to ever grace our scale’s weighing platform.

There are some caveats for that weight difference though, the biggest factor – if you can excuse the pun – being that the AGV Sportmodular fits a bit smaller than normal, when you compare it to the rest of AGV’s lineup. 

The AGV Sportmodular also comes without the hydration system and the extra thick face shield that is fitted to the AGV Pista GP R, though it does come with some features of its own.

The first obvious one is the flip-up face, which is what defines the modular helmet category. 

The AGV Sportmodular also has an integrated sun visor, for when the photons are out in force, or when you want to do a solid Robocop impersonation. As is becoming standard these days too, a Pinlock insert comes shipped in the box, to keep the fog and breath off the shield.

Like on the AGV Corsa R street helmet, the inner liner is reversible, with one side for warm weather, and another for cold weather.

Of note too, the AGV Sportmodular is built in three shell designs, all of which meet the current DOT and ECE safety standards.

Pricing on the AGV Sportmodular starts at $750, which is at the high-end of the price points in this category, but too far off from the other top brands.

With the AGV Sportmodular available now in dealerships, we should have a review of this ground-breaking helmet for you soon…just as soon as AGV gets us the correct size for our head.

So far though, the finish is what you would expect from AGV, with the Sportmodular feeling and looking like a premium-category helmet. Its weight in the hands is almost unbelievable, especially when you hear of its five-star SHARP safety rating (the maximum achievable). Consider our interests piqued.

Source: AGV

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