AGV Pista GP R Helmet Debuts with Hydration Channel

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AGV is at the San Marino GP this week, showing off its latest racing helmet design. As you can tell from the photo above, the AGV Pista GP R is an evolution on the AGV Pista GP, with AGV claiming that “R” has better aerodynamics, venting, and field of view over its predecessor.

More significant changes come in the form of a Pinlock that comes as standard, along with revised spoiler and visor locking system designs.

The reason though we are bringing you this story today though is that the AGV Pista GP R has the first integrated hydration channel, straight from the factory.

It’s not uncommon of course to see professional motorcycle racers with hydration packs in the leathers, with a tube snaking to the riders mouth, through the helmet.

The AGV Pista GP R brings this setup to the masses, presuming that riders will wear a compatible Dainese leather suit as well. Connecting to a water pouch that’s stashed in the rider’s leathers, the Pista GP R’s design has a channel that brings the hydration tube to the rider’s chin, where a drinking valve is located.

While not the revolution in helmet design that we have been waiting for, racers and track day enthusiasts should enjoy having a throat that’s not as parched as it was once before.








Source: AGV