AGV is at the San Marino GP this week, showing off its latest racing helmet design. As you can tell from the photo above, the AGV Pista GP R is an evolution on the AGV Pista GP, with AGV claiming that “R” has better aerodynamics, venting, and field of view over its predecessor.

More significant changes come in the form of a Pinlock that comes as standard, along with revised spoiler and visor locking system designs.

The reason though we are bringing you this story today though is that the AGV Pista GP R has the first integrated hydration channel, straight from the factory.

It’s not uncommon of course to see professional motorcycle racers with hydration packs in the leathers, with a tube snaking to the riders mouth, through the helmet.

The AGV Pista GP R brings this setup to the masses, presuming that riders will wear a compatible Dainese leather suit as well. Connecting to a water pouch that’s stashed in the rider’s leathers, the Pista GP R’s design has a channel that brings the hydration tube to the rider’s chin, where a drinking valve is located.

While not the revolution in helmet design that we have been waiting for, racers and track day enthusiasts should enjoy having a throat that’s not as parched as it was once before.








Source: AGV

  • darren636

    looks top notch quality.

  • Ryan Donahue

    Looks like a neat helmet. That carbon sure is sexy. I wonder if track day guys really need hydration for a 20 minute session?

    Racers? Likely. Endurance guys? Absolutely.

  • ‘Mike Smith

    If they were smart, they’d make it compatible with Camel-Baks. I am willing to bet that they sell more helmets to street riders than track only riders. This would make those long road trips a bit more enjoyable.

  • paulus

    Yay… Road bikes catch up to off-road technology at last!

  • Cru Jones

    For track days these things are amazing. When I had my Spidi Hydroback it really helps keep you hydrated and cool when it’s blazing in the late afternoons. For everyday riding it was far less useful. The water would heat up too fast and was only useful if you crammed the hydration bag full of ice.

  • Yulexy Lombira

    Great!!!……now the “old” AGV Pista, will cost a little less, I guess.

  • Sloan Essman

    I wear a CamelBak backpack with a 100oz bladder for a cooling system and another 70-100oz bladder for drinking water for 1-2 hour stints in CMRA endurance racing (6-8 hour races) in the middle of summer in Texas with ambient temps around 100. Both will be almost empty when I get off the bike if the stint is 1.5 hours or longer. The bite tube just generally comes over my shoulder through a clip and under the chinbar. Now I just need to add a shower system inside the helmet!

  • C’mon Man

    the “old” Pista will likely stay the same price while the “R” is 20% more expensive.

  • Christopher Ring

    REV’IT’s latest race suits dropped the hydration pack, apparently there just wasn’t enough interest in the market for it.

  • JC

    Almost all the long distance motorcyclists I’ve bumped into have a hydration pack rigged up for on the road hydration. Maybe they should expand their target market with a toned down, less sporty design.

    Just sayin.

  • Shinigami

    It’s actually a safety issue on long rides- dehydration kills reaction time and focus. You can easily dehydrate in a few hours even in temperate conditions partly due to airflow.

  • gregorymcnc

    I’d rather it have been plumbed with something like a Simpson Eject. I added one to mine easily enough but it was a good opportunity to endorse the idea and improve awareness.

  • Khalil Ashkanani

    how can i get that big rear spoiler ???

  • Khalil Ashkanani