MOTR Podcast #5 – Oscar Solis, Pirelli Tires

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In Episode 5 of the MOTR Podcast, I sit down with Oscar Solis, the Road Race Manager of Pirelli Tires North America, during a track test at the Circuit of the Americas, as such you will hear the occasional MotoGP bike fire by us on the track.

Our topic of conversation is  simple one: tires. Though, the conversation itself is anything but simple. Tires are perhaps the most important element on a motorcycle, but also one of the least understood, which is why I wanted to have this discussion with Oscar.

The episode is about an hour long and we hit most of the major points that you see discussed about tires in online forums, out in the canyons, and on the race track, but by no means were we able to dive as deep into the subject as I would like – that will probably require another few shows on the subject. There is just so much to understand in this space.

Still, I think veteran riders and new riders alike will walk away from the conversation learning something new, and perhaps dispelling some of the myths we have about motorcycle tires. As such, I think you will enjoy Oscar’s insights. I know I certainly did.

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