Brap Talk Podcast #6 – Something New

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The Episode 6 of the Brap Talk podcast is out for your two-wheeled audio pleasure, with some added head cold sexy-voice talk. In this show, we talk a bit about engaging new riders with motorcycles.

We start that conversation after looking at the Ohvale GP-0 minibike, which has just hit the United States and is making waves at kart tracks and smaller race courses.

Minibikes are becoming the gateway drug to the motorcycle industry, and has been interesting to watch their rise popularity.

We then talk about how the motorcycle industry players can help encourage non-riders into learning how to ride a motorcycle, namely by making it easier for urban commuters to use two-wheels effectively.

Our attention then turn to motorcycles in movies, and how manufacturers are reaching larger audiences, both effectively and ineffectively, in the mainstream.  

The show is stocked with good discussions, and we think you will enjoy it greatly. As always, you can find the latest episodes of the Brap Talk Podcast on iTunes, Google PlaySoundCloud, or via your RSS feed,

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Source: SoundCloud