Brap Talk Podcast #4 – Goodbye 2018

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The final episode of the Brap Talk podcast is out for 2018, and before the shenanigans of 2019 get on the airwaves, we wanted to take a look back at the last 365 days of this year.

As such, we discuss the BIG stories of 2018, along with our thoughts and predictions for the upcoming year. Do you have any moto-predictions for 2019? Let us know.

The show is stocked with good discussions, and we think you will enjoy it greatly. As always, you can find the latest episodes of the Brap Talk Podcast on iTunes, Google PlaySoundCloud, or via your RSS feed,

And if you’re not already, you should also listen to our sister podcasts, the MOTR Podcast and the Paddock Pass Podcast.

Source: SoundCloud