Brap Talk Podcast #36 – The Rainy Day Show

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Episode 36 of the Brap Talk podcast is now out for your two-wheeled audio pleasure, and is packed full of motorcycle discussion for your open-road loving hearts.

In this one, we take a moment to answer questions from our listeners, and we definitely got some good ones from the crowd, so thank you for that!

First up, we talk about the ride-by-wire technology, which also leads to a conversation about traction control, inertial measurement units, and anti-locking brake systems.

Next we switch gears and talk about the ADV bike market, and which bikes are suited best for certain types of riding. This led us a bit into the adventure-touring range, but we also gave a nod to the trend that’s making the “adventure-sport” segment a thing.

Our next question asked us what the best bike has been from the last decade, which is a tough one to answer, and led us into a discussion about the evolutions of some of our favorite bikes from the past 10 years.

The led us well into the next question, which asked if the horsepower wars would continue forever – and for some segments, it seems like it will, but for others, maybe not.

Of course, we get into the taboo questions for motorcycle podcasts: namely which helmet is best…or more specifically, which helmet standard is best. Our answer here might surprise you.

Our final motorcycle questions asked about getting into track days, and about wearing ear plugs (you definitely should be). For a bonus, the show wraps up with a riveting discussion about tacos vs. burritos.

As you can tell, there is plenty to discuss, and fun along the way, so we think you will enjoy this show. As always, you can find the latest episodes of the Brap Talk Podcast on iTunes, Google Play, SpotifySoundCloud, or via your RSS feed.

And if you’re not already, you should also listen to our sister podcasts, the MOTR Podcast and the Paddock Pass Podcast.

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Jensen Beeler

Despite his best efforts, Jensen is called one of the most influential bloggers in the motorcycle industry, and sometimes consults for motorcycle companies, whether they've solicited his expertise or not.