Motorcycling’s April Fools Round-Up for 2021

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Another year, and another April Fools Day is done and dusted, and this year’s affair was far less somber than 365 days ago, though the offerings on display in 2021 show a poor result from the motorcycling community.

Since Asphalt & Rubber is still on double-secret probation with Harley-Davidson for last year’s story, we decided to double-down on the Bar & Shield brand for this go-around. What are they going to do? Un-invite us from even more press launches this year? Pfft…

Our efforts saw us making an OnlyFans account for Harley-Davidson, paired with a story about how the folks in Milwaukee were using the pay-to-play content-creator site to reach a younger audience, all in a bid to turn the tide on their falling sales.

The whole thing is mostly an excuse to photoshop some sweet captions, and to make about half a dozen dick jokes at the expense of one of America’s most iconic brands. Such is the petty nature of motorcycle journalists.

In truth, it’s not the worst idea, though I have to say that their announcement about making limited edition apparel with the band Aerosmith is a much better April Fools joke than ours.

How about from the rest of the industry though? In case you missed them, the highlights of April Fools Day are below. Leave in the comments any good ones you think we missed.

Is EV Mandate the End of Touring Motorcycles? – Canada Moto Guide

Our friends to the Great White North at Canada Moto Guide took a shot today at the growing trend of government mandates for electric vehicles, and wondered about a world that could threaten long-distance touring on two wheels.

BMW Hover Ride – Bike Bound

The BMW Hover Ride was a clever concept when it came out in 2017. I’m not sure why it’s being recycled by the folks at Bike Bound for 2021, but here we are.

I will say…I do want a hover bike when that becomes a real thing. I want mine with extra laser guns though.

Harley-Davidson Launches All-Electric Dakar Team – ADV Rider

Poor Harley-Davidson, always the butt of the joke. This time, it is the good folks at ADV Rider taking a stab at the Bar & Shield brand, with the news that America’s motorcycle brand is going to compete in the most competitive and grueling race in the motorcycle industry: the Dakar Rally.

Their entrants? Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman. The bike? An all-electric off-road machine based off the Livewire.

The story goes on to poke the eye of the social media influencer phenomenon, and the general lack of experience and sophistication in that space, and cites that genre for the bulk of its “insider info” in the piece. Savage.

Bümer Bäg by Giant Loop – Facebook

The best for last, our fellow Oregonians once again didn’t disappoint this year, as the Giant Loop team posted this clever airbag system for motorcycles.

While they tout being the first with the idea, we do have to point out that Honda beat them to punch a number of years ago, with the Honda Gold Wing Airbag model.

Could we see something like this in the coming years? It’s certainly a possibility…and it’s definitely a better idea than all those brake light devices you glue to your helmet, which people seem to email me about every couple of weeks.

Did you see any good motorcycle-related April Fools jokes this weekend that we may have missed? If so, be sure to post them in the comments.