You may remember the LEGO Technic set of the BMW R1200GS Adventure motorcycle that we featured not too long ago. Now the German automotive brand and Danish toymaker have collaborated to bring an “alternative model” to the 603-piece building block toy set.

Making the R1200GS Adventure model toy now a 2-in-1 kit, the collaboration between BMW and Lego has produced a futuristic flying motorcycle called the Hover Ride Design Concept.

Interestingly enough, the BMW Junior Company – a BMW Group training unit – will build a full-size replica of what this flying R1200GS could look like (complete with its boxer engine, which of course makes perfect sense).

The future of motorcycles may see our sport evolving into something similar to what is rendered here. But for now, the closest we’ll get to the future is this LEGO set.

Source: BMW Motorrad

  • RL

    Why does a flying motorcycle have suspension?

  • paulus

    Considering both BMN heritage and the Boxer origin… it should have a massive propellor on the front. More power to the BMW team for getting paid to play LEGO.

  • Mike Dobrick

    OMG….I WANT THAT……Please tell me they’ve released the instructions!

  • MichaelAndTheArgonauts

    Well it has to land at some point. But I see your reasoning here.

  • Lane Pratt

    That was my first question when I saw the pictures. Almost more absurd than the boxer engine, honestly. Some sort of steering-stabilizer type of hydraulic control arm on the rear rotor/fan makes “more sense”.
    As a design project it looks cool as hell though! And as an adult who still regularly plays with LEGO, I want one.

  • Turbulence, obviously.

  • stopeject

    In this application the boxer engine has no flywheel, clutch and transmission. As the result the thrust is not constant, but coming in “pulses”, which leads to vibrations and spoils the flying experience. The spring and shock in the rear reduce this effect. The sophisticated ESA system moves the front control surfaces out of phase with the vibrations totally eliminating them.

  • Huff955

    Your local Beemer dealer still wont have inner tubes in stock for it!

  • paulus

    Will they still hover when the engine is not running?
    Where’s the side stand!

  • RL

    Your description of the flight stability system is missing the words “flux capacitor”


    Looks boring. How are we supposed to hit corners or judge someone’s riding capability without chicken strips? Lol the future will be interesting. Cool concept tho.

  • stopeject

    No Flux capacitor there- the thing can only fly low and slow- can’t get to 88MPH.

  • Brett Lewis

    There can be no more argument as to whether the big GS is fully off-road capable or not.

  • Mitchel Durnell

    No way. Pusher prop!

  • brilliantradience

    Y know who would love this thing?, the Chinese food delivery guy…

  • AHA

    It’s not complete without two large aluminium panniers to aid the aerodynamics

  • Flanman

    And heres a manned “hoverbike” in action… its coming!

  • JR 711

    Anyone remember JetMoto?